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Our Service Offerings

SuiteCRM Development Services offered by Mind IT®

Installation & Configuration

Our team of Suite CRM developers provides implementation services and can help you to get applications according to your necessities and business process. It includes identifying and finalization of business processes, specifying and analyzing business requirements, specifying the technical requirements, installation & configuration of the defined processes into application, customizing and extending the application and so on.


Integration of applications is one of the most challenging task for an organization that automates the business processes. Growing organizations are realizing that collaboration with their partners can enhance their productivity, and aligning business processes across enterprises can reduce operational costs. Our experienced experts can smoothly carry out the integration process without hampering your daily tasks.

Extension & Development

Our expert consultants will help you create designs and build flexible custom modules and integrate them with the application specifically made for your business problems. We shall ensure that our application will meet your organization’s expectations in delivering desired functionalities with reliability and security.


Our Team can help you with customization and make necessary changes in the existing applications to meet business requirements. We can help you customize fields, entities, forms, pages, business process and workflow to make it more convenient and user-friendly.

Application Upgrade & Migration

Our expert consultants can help you regarding the up-gradation of your existing SuiteCRM applications so that you can have complete advantages from our latest features and functions. We also help in migration from any other CRM application to SuiteCRM®.

Technical Support

Our technical experts will help you in your SuiteCRM application maintenance, patches, performance improvement and other configuration and technological requirements.

You can depend on our support team to provide all that and much more

We take of all your SuiteCRM related requirements and deliver on them diligently.

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Why Work on SuiteCRM with us?

Businesses can be enhanced with the power of the CRM system by integrating robust tools with SuiteCRM to enhance functionalities and performance. Our expert developers can customize your application to any level, which shall assist you in developing a solution which meets your specifics business needs.

Our SuiteCRM developers create easy web -based solutions, which are intuitive in nature. There is no need to have any previous knowledge or experience in order to use our system. There are various development tools available which can be integrated to give your business a powerful solution and match your expectations along with those of your customers.

For Sales you can:

  • Get an all-encompassing view of your customers.
  • Collaborate with your team to evaluate each stage of the deal cycle.
  • Move seamlessly between your mobile and desktop app.
  • Manage your pipeline in real time.
  • Integrate your favorite applications with SuiteCRM.
  • Track and convert your new and existing business leads.
  • Relate new opportunities to accounts, contacts & sales team members.
  • Increase the likelihood of closing deals faster.

For Marketing you can:

  • Make your pitch subjective while promoting the promising aspects to targeted customers.
  • Track all your campaigns.
  • Easily find out leads and give effectively actionable ideas for the betterment of your sales department.
  • Effectively carry out marketing activities and campaigns.
  • Satisfy your customers’ needs and also increase business leads through referrals.
  • Easily execute marketing activities and campaigns.
  • Create and track targeted campaigns.

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Our Process


We start by carefully listening to what our customer wants and scoping out the needs while also offering suggestions about what innovations or new technology and solutions we can apply to execute the project and create a scope document for all the requirements of the customer.

Requirement Gathering

Once we are on the same page with the customer regarding the scope of the project that we are going to build, we start to gather requirements to the minutest of details, understand the customer workflow and detail out the upcoming application to the minutest of details so that everyone’s on the same page as to what the Application will look like and the direction of the project.

Team Assembling

Once the requirements phase is done, we assemble the team of best fit developers, designers and QAs in our organization to execute their respective phases of the application development.


By hiring a dedicated software development team through us from India, you get all the specialized resources under your control, just like they’d be within your control in-house. The only difference is that we handle all the administration, thereby taking all the administrative weight off your shoulders.