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  • Proficient and skilled developers. Dedicated team for each project.
  • 100% transparency in the entire development cycle with project management tools.
  • Get agile, scalable and custom services.
  • Rapid Delivery.
  • Deliver quality solutions to achieve consistent and expected results.
  • Developed small as well as enterprise solutions for enterprises and startups.
  • We offers superior quality AI applications with rights reserved to the clients.
  • Tailor-made engagement models to meet the client requirements.
  • Provide all necessary support to ensure desired result & client satisfaction.

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Our Proficiencies as an

AI Software Development Company

AI applications has been redefining the way businesses operate and at Mind IT® Systems, we leverage high-end AI development processes to deliver cutting-edge services & solutions. Some of the key areas that we can provide you solutions are:
  • Custom AI software development
  • Cloud based artificial intelligence
  • Digital Virtual Agents
  • Bot development
  • AI as a service
  • Knowledge based systems
  • Pattern and image processing
  • AI enabled chatbot apps
  • Decision management
  • Advanced business analytics
  • Face detection and video analytics
  • Patient management system
  • Finance and market prediction bot
  • Robotic Process Automation.
  • Computer vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep learning
  • Speech and Audio

Our AI Development Services

Strategy & Consulting

Our team is enabled with the proficiency of skillful AI engineers whose knowledge and creativity will offer your business a smooth and easy sail, with the help of new-age technology.


We offer our rigorous experiences in developing AI applications which are much ahead of its time. These very applications will help the enterprises to be flourished and enhanced with the capabilities of automated variety of operations.


Our area of expertise lies in developing very specific AI solutions which are customized to suffice specific necessities of clients according to their business standards.


When it comes to integration, we encompass unified integration of the new-age AI solutions into the extant model in order to gain maximum return on the investment.


We make it certain that all these technologically advanced solutions are employed in such a way which will generate the best assistance and can work in a smooth yet effective way.


We are always ready with our assistance and services to help you out. Our AI experts are always available and they make sure that these applications are our top priority.

Here's how we approach

AI Development

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How your business can benefit from AI Development?

AI Chatbots can filter out the leads by asking smart questions. A sales representative will only focus on filtered leads. This would improve accuracy & predictability in sales & marketing capabilities and turn your possible leads into customers.

NLP can help in understanding the user activity and further filter the targeted audience for the marketing campaign enabling the team to reach out to the potential customers easily.

AI technology can be used in a form of personal assistance for customers. With the help of speech recognition software, it can generate a specific ID response by creating a permit in the CRM software system. In this way it can provide customer services.

Unsatisfied customers are a serious issue for any enterprise. Let our customer retention services assist you in identifying the unhappy customers and address their problems to have them sorted out. You can use your customer data in order to identify the problems and defects which will help you improve your services and relationship with customers.

For a thriving business , evaluate and examine the current marketing tendencies and needs , applying advanced methods like data mining , predictive modeling and machine learning .Let the customer data help you in developing a better and clearer idea about the needs of the customers. This will help you to put your resources into effective usage. We offer solutions using unfailing algorithms and feasible systems to assist our clients with their decisions related to business management.


Become AI first

With the Advent of AI, world is moving towards being AI first. This is truly transforming organizations by having availability to better accuracy, automation and predictive analysis which can make a difference to strategic as well as tactical choices by making use of AI applications. While people have a misnomer about AI programming causing a replacement for humans, in reality it is about aiding efficiency by automating mundane and repetitive tasks so that human intelligence can be put to better use. It is, in a way, forcing organizations to better utilize human ingenuity on the problems which are human worthy and thus be future-ready.

Artificial Intelligence is not about putting in a single system which takes care of everything like a fully automated production assembly line, but is about correctly identifying the smaller tasks which have a finite number of execution routes. Over time, these small tasks acquire enough power to hugely impact complete activities.

Choosing the right one out of available AI companies for solving a challenge can determine the success or failure for AI development projects. At Mind IT® Systems, we understand your challenges first as well as you do, before attempting to provide solutions leaning on AI services.

Areas where

AI can make a difference

Biz Intelligence & Reporting

Traditional BI can be enhanced with AI & Machine Learning to provide Predictive Analysis that forecasts future as a function of the past. AI can leverage data to find trends and spot anomalies allowing timely intervention. Automation of analytical model building helps in identifying patterns so that systems can learn from data. We specialize in AI & deep learning software and Analytics.

Cutting Edge Innovation

Deep learning systems which can evolve over time to solve complex problems and can utilize current information and networks to create beyond what is possible today. This typically means evolution of AI to levels where it can recognize and process information which it has never seen before by using AI Machine Learning


This type of AI software requires mapping complex information and data for solving identification or retrieval of data via use of Natural Language processing, or Speech, or image processing algorithms. These can range from self-learning AI chat bot implementations to robotic process automation for fully automating low value and repetitive tasks. Typically, these require investment scale of multi million dollars.

Recommendation & Search

Loads of application systems operating in silos can be connected via bot frameworks so that information can be searched throughout the spaghetti of multiple systems in an organization. Natural Language Processing (NLP) can engage your audience right where they are and support behavior by recommending the next actions. User Experience benefits are immense and tussles in human interactions can be minimized within a million dollars.

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