Our IT strategy consulting will help you choose the right technologies for your business and industry, map out the implementation strategy.


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We offer IT consulting services that will help you improve your software architecture, create a tech-driven digital strategy, and improve operations by optimising your software portfolio. Our software engineers will finish your digital transformation journey through careful planning and effective execution of the outlined IT strategy.

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Few reasons why clients engage our IT consulting services

  • The existing IT infrastructure/devices/hosting requires fixing or is not performing
  • To scale up IT infrastructure quickly
  • To implement cost-reduction measures
  • Executives facing important capital expenditure and legacy equipment issues
  • To reduce company expansion difficulties
  • To make it easier to adher to changing compliance regulations
  • To combine Multiple IT working environments
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Areas we provide IT Consulting


Helps B2B and B2C companies create enduring relationships with their customers, promote sales management, and drive commitment & productivity of sales teams with CRM consulting and growth services. In addition, we assist our clients to focus on marketing and automation of sales, introduce loyalty programs, sales planning, performance assessment, reporting, and analysis.

System integration

Modern company climate creates the need to use various IT solutions to guarantee an enterprise's efficient functioning. Whether you are planning to add fresh features to the IT systems already in use or implementing new software, system integration is a crucial point to consider in this regard. Just as it is vital to work efficiently with your staff, the same is expected from the IT alternatives you use. You get a chance to improve business efficiency and decrease maintenance costs with an embedded scheme made of synchronized parts. Our advisors are prepared to assist you to discover, recognize milestones and mitigate hazards, in a fast and less painful way to integrate the system.

Performance Optimisation

When IT software and services are the backbones of your company, you'd expect it to deliver the highest output to guarantee that your customers get an experience they can rely on. You can not afford your infrastructure, websites or apps to be slow or unable to operate under pressure. We assist you to be slow or unable to operate under pressure analyzing your requirements, service criticality, anticipated use, and set a performance benchmark that fits your company.

Custom software

A lot of times when the vision leaves the box, packaged products may fail to satisfy the company's needs; but not so in our case-Our engineers and other professionals are analyze the concept from top to bottom before realizing the item. We develop a specification of software requirements, advise customers on the attitude to the production and the project that adheres to moment and budget constraints. We also support the project with customization and maintenance choices after our client is pleased with the consequence.

Data Migration

Any organization with IT software systems in place agrees that it is like lifeblood for the company to collect operational information. One of the most important things to take care of when replacing, upgrading or making any changes in software is to ensure that your data is migrated from one system to another with no loss or damage and minimal downtime. Data migration activity at MindIT® starts by analyzing the data structure of your present system, and the target system or database where the information must be transferred. After this study, the suggested data migration approach is developed by our information specialists and; finish with a backup/restore scheme.

Business intelligence and big data analytics

To transform enormous quantities of raw information into meaningful and coherent insights, we deliver full BI and data analytics services. We help our clients assess employee performance, gain visibility in consumer behavior, manage economic and sales analysis, and identify fresh company possibilities and mitigate hazards.


With our web portal development expertise, UI design and QA, we offer a broad variety of skills to make sure a tool helps in building good interactions with your company's clients, staff, suppliers and other useful associates.

Our IT Consulting Process

We have helped organizations of various scales and structures enhance their IT policies and modernize them. Some of our IT professionals have spent over fifteen years working in the sector and this has enabled us to develop an efficient IT consulting strategy to produce a maximum advantage in the shortest possible time.


Our IT consultants study your current software alternatives and how they are being used by your staff, clients, identifying workflow issues and automation.


The consultants design a roadmap and approach that will assist your company leverage the recent software infrastructure and de-clutter it. They then set KPIs for software and users.


Our specialists analyze your workflows carefully and track the output to detect the pain points. The impeding components will then be removed by our software engineers.


Our consultants and software engineers, after finishing the originally set objectives, suggest measures for future improvements and help with their implementation.

IT Consulting – Technology

To offer sophisticated software solutions, we constantly keep track of emerging technologies. Our consulting on IT policy will help you to select the correct technologies for your business and industry, map the strategy and implementing the same.


Use distributed ledger technology to make your transactions safer, more transparent and automate your Smart Contracts activities.

Cloud Computing

To develop a flexible, scalable and linked company environment, use cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Artificial Intelligence

Use machine and profound learning algorithms to address your Big Data and gain precious insights into your activities. Create predictive models based on AI to make fail-safe decisions.

Internet Of Things

Use safe IoT solutions to monitor, optimize and deliver high effectiveness in your activities. Gain more ideas from the IoT devices collected Big Data.

Augmented Reality

To turn important activities and become more effective, use AR’s practical promise.

Our IT Consulting Approach towards various requirements

We value technology as a company element that is essential and possibly differentiating. We assist customers to transform their organizations enabling holistic digital approach to meet customer requirements, maximizing value in turnaround scenarios, and eventually, develop operating models of technology that make organizations more agile. As an information technology consulting firm, we provide organizations of any size with customized IT consulting & support services. We can assist your organization with highly effective IT policies and execute innovative alternatives. Every organization has a distinct set of problems and here’s our strategy:

Advanced Analytics

Big data and sophisticated analytics promise deep competitive benefits, yet only a few businesses really master the necessary alchemy of individuals, instruments, information, and strategic concentrate. Our strategic and analytics knowledge can help you to create the skills you need— not just to mine information, but to transform it into gold. Advanced Analytics enables you to get strong ideas from your information.

Fighting the growing complexity of business environment

Your IT infrastructure is under continuous pressure from the changing company setting, and there may be a number of reasons for this: increased client flow, increased competition, newcomer waves, emerging laws, and more. We are ready to assist you wherever necessary, with BI for more process visibility, smart CRM to talk the language of the customer, portals and knowledge management instruments to promote cooperation and more.

Gaining competitive advantage

When your attempts to stay ahead of the competition starts taking a toll on your quality, optimization is required. We study distinctive procedures of the client back and forth to highlight and overcome the bottlenecks with the assistance of technology, be it data analysis, security elements, corporate mobility, process automation, cloud migration, AR introduction and more.

Restricted IT budgets

The budget is all that matters at times and we get it. But for saving purposes, we will never let the quality of your next big thing suffer. Our IT consulting services guarantee that cost-effective development is planned thoroughly while the selection of technology, platform and strategy enables to cut costs without loss of quality.

Ever-changing business requirements

You have the vision, but you will need developers to develop the concept. With business requirements set to change as the market evolves, you will need a development team that can keep with your pace. We follow Agile methodology and will find easy ways to fit in your needs perfectly.

Information security threats

Protecting sensitive information is a challenge, and beginning with awareness, we assist our customers address it. We educate our clients about security and help identify vulnerabilities and guarantee their infrastructure’s hacker-proof architecture.

Leverage Our Custom-Tailored IT Consultancy Services

Our information technology consulting team provides a range of business technology strategies with customized IT consulting services. Our team will be glad to provide strategic advice on a multitude of subjects including cloud strategy, IT budget planning, risk management, disaster recovery planning, business continuity planning, IT evaluation and planning, communications and carrier services, and more. If you are interested in any IT consulting services or other subjects not mentioned here, please contact us.

IT Consulting Services Free Up Valuable Time for Your Business

Like many of our clients, IT may not be your company’s core function. It can become a significant distraction to try to fix all of your IT problems internally. This can be expensive and you could suffer a setback in some other area. Using knowledgeable IT consulting companies-such as Mind IT® Systems will help keep your company safe and effective without taking up precious working hours. Mind IT® Systems, as one of the top IT consulting companies, empowers your company to begin winning at IT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many technology consultancies and managed service providers have specialties, so you need to know their focus area. You don’t want to work on mobile device support with a business focusing on backup and disaster recovery services. Today’s IT environments are so interdependent and interconnected that we have a team of people with a wide variety of knowledge in many fields.

You need to prioritize what work you need to get done when looking for a top IT consultant and comprehend how an IT consulting firm can affect a specific project and your general organization.

The most valuable IT advisors are those with real working experience in different kinds of IT environments. This “depth and breadth” of abilities is what gives our consulting customers more satisfaction. Do not be restricted by choosing a team with limited knowledge.


Main Objectives Of Our IT Consulting Services

Technology is an element of your company that both affects and is driven by corporate strategy. We take a distinctive attitude to IT, working with company leaders to comprehend strategic objectives and then determining which technological capacities, systems, and support will be required. Under our IT consulting services we assist customers to evaluate and align their technology strategies with their company or process strategies. These services support IT initiatives of clients through the provision of strategic, architectural and operational planning and execution. Our strategic IT consulting will help you in automating and digitizing activities, optimizing your software portfolio and implementing recent technologies. We work closely with you to:

Develop robust merger integration capabilities that allow you to achieve maximum in any agreement without succumbing to organizational, due diligence or platform pitfalls that so often undermine the expected value of the purchase or divestment.

Improve the value that IT brings to the business, by identifying the resources and capacities required to produce enduring outcomes. Focus your investments on what matters most, guarantee that the correct individuals and procedures are in place, decrease complexity, and rely on your large-scale projects to satisfy or exceed expectations.

Reach new and game-changing levels of performance by modernizing your IT capacities, including architecture of your systems, operating model and price structure, your business is prepared to follow its digital future.

We operate with forward-thinking IT professionals using sophisticated technologies on a daily basis to leverage technology and enhance company efficiency. Our IT consulting method is to work with your team individually to know your objectives, business processes, and current capabilities of information systems.