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  • We have dedicated & experienced SugarCRM developers
  • Get a simple, user-friendly CRM interface
  • Smooth deployment & integration
  • Quick automation of your unique business processes
  • No hidden charges, with clear pricing terms
  • Full Reporting System and Free Consultation
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Our Service Offerings

SugarCRM Setup & Development Services

As a leading SugarCRM development service provider, we aim at offering productive Sugar CRM solutions that cater to all the requirements of businesses of any size or shape.

Installation & Configuration

Our SugarCRM developers provide services in CRM Implementation. We can help you to get applications according to your necessities and business process. It includes identifying and finalization of business processes, specifying and analyzing business requirements, specifying the technical requirements, installation & configuration of the defined processes into application, customizing and extending the application and so on.


Integration of applications are one of the most challenging task for the organization that automates the business processes. Growing organizations are realizing that collaboration with their partners can enhance their productivity, and that aligning business processes across enterprises can reduce operational costs. Our experts would smoothly carry out the integration process without hampering daily tasks.

Extension & Development

The expertise of our consultants will help you create designs and build flexible custom module or application and join it with the application specifically made for your business problems. We ensure that our application will meet your organization's expectations in delivering desired functionalities with reliability and security.


Customization is a process of making necessary changes in the existing application to meet various specific business requirements which are available in CRM application. Our services are available in customize fields, entities, forms, pages, business process and workflow to make it more convenient and user-friendly.

Our Upgrade and Migration

We are always at your service with our expert consultants regarding the up-gradation of your existing SugarCRM applications so that you can have complete advantages from our latest features and functions. We also help in migration from any other CRM application to SugarCRM®.

Technical Support

Our technical expert will help you in your SugarCRM application maintenance, patches, performance improvement and other configuration and technological requirements.

You can depend on our support team to provide all that and much more

We have a strong support team that has extensive knowledge of rich features & settings available in SugarCRM. Till now our team has helped numerous firms with various Sugar CRM integrations and customization.

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Why Work On Sugar CRM With Us?

Businesses will be enhanced with the power of the CRM system by integrating robust tools with SugarCRM. Our expert SugarCRM developers can customize your application to any level, which will assist you developing an absolutely unique solution to meet very specifics business needs.

Our Sugar CRM developers create easy and web-based solutions, which are intuitive in nature. There is no need to have any previous knowledge or experience in order to use our system. There are various development tools available which can be integrated to give your business a powerful solution and match your expectations along with those of your customers.

For Sales you can:

  • Get an all-encompassing view of your customers.
  • Collaborate with your team to evaluate each stage of the deal cycle.
  • Move seamlessly between your mobile and desktop app.
  • Manage your pipeline in real time.
  • Integrate your favorite applications with SugarCRM.
  • Track your new and existing business leads.
  • Relate new opportunities to accounts, contacts & sales team members.
  • Increase the likelihood of closing deals faster.

For Marketing you can:

  • Make your pitch subjective while promoting the promising aspects to targeted customers.
  • Track traditional and digital campaign.
  • Easily find out leads and give effectively actionable ideas for the betterment of your sales department.
  • Effectively carry out marketing activities and campaigns.
  • Satisfy your customers needs and also increase business leads through them.
  • Easily carry out marketing activities and campaign.
  • Create and track targeted campaigns.

We will be happy to assist you.

We bring good things to your business and will work towards your marketing goals. We would love to assist you in growing your business. So, let’s get connected for a better future.

Our Process

Our SugarCRM developers have helped various firms with various SugarCRM integrations and customization. We have some of the most talented people in our SugarCRM development team and they can customize most of the major and crucial business processes. Our SugarCRM developers are expert in customizing mobile CRM, Social CRM as well as reporting. The areas in which we provide our services are customization and developing market management activity, settings and administration, customer service and sales management, call management, payment module management, as well as sales and leads to managing and campaigning and client account management. These areas are developed and customized by our expert SugarCRM developers.

Our SugarCRM developers do not stop with customizing the CRM according to the specific requirements. They continue further to create and implement different modules based on this open source CRM to maximize your customer relationship management. In addition, they integrate the CRM with Content Management Systems and also place them into your social networking pages. This allows you to gain a complete and detailed understanding of customer behavior and trends as well as manage customer relationships in a more efficient manner. A profound understanding of the sales figures and trends also play a significant roles in making efficient sales strategy and other marketing ideas. SugarCRM can have a strong positive impact on any business.

We have a commendable team of SugarCRM developers. Our team of SugarCRM developers have extensive knowledge of Linux, MySQL, PHP, and Apache. They keep themselves updated with the recent technologies and latest versions of SugarCRM. We are proud of the fact that we can provide SugarCRM customization services at reasonable prices without compromising the quality.

Our Work

SugarCRM for Your Business?


SugarCRM has been successful in pulling off the “more for less” value proposition in the CRM industry. Even though SugarCRM has withdrawn its free Sugar Community edition, the pricing of SugarCRM is comparatively cheaper. Without any hidden or complex fee structure SugarCRM is equipped with all the core CRM capabilities. We ensure that our system deserves your complete trust.

Easy To Use

With a simple user interface that is easy to navigate, users will not find it difficult to use SugarCRM at all. SugarCRM is famous for its high user adoption rate, which is a vital feature as ultimately it is the end users who control the success or failure of a CRM implementation.


It does not matter which CRM you purchase since a default solution will not be enough to handle all your operations. It is always better to have customization. It is even more convenient to have your SugarCRM theme, modules, dashboards, workflows, field's etc. which will provide you a complete bespoke system that serves as an all-encompassing platform to manage your business. SugarCRM is an open source CRM. It means that one always has the freedom to modify the source-code to suit one's own specific requirements. As an open CRM it has no user restrictions. The system can be managed easily. And most importantly it can be upgraded to the latest version without leaving out the pre-existing features.


Customization alone will not be enough to complete your task. In order to get complete result, you need to connect your SugarCRM with all the departments of your organization through the help of third party plug-ins or application. With the help of SugarCRM developers you can virtually connect your Sugar CRM application with any software that you desire, be it marketing automation, sales automation, social media, payment gateways etc., without having to switch between multiple programs, leading to efficiency in business processes.


SugarCRM is exceedingly efficient when it comes to managing large amounts of data. The reporting feature of SugarCRM lets you gather data from various modules to create reports that provide you excellent handling on your analytics. Along with the basic four reports, SugarCRM helps you to create extra reports. And if it does not suffice, you can get customized reports built, with the assistance of CRM developers, to analyze the wealth of information stored inside the CRM database.


Once your SugarCRM developer modifies the CRM according to your business, it can be hosted on the platform of your choice. One of most convenient features of SugarCRM is that it supports multiple platforms of deployment such as Private Cloud, Public Cloud, On-Demand and On-Premise. Choose from any of these four options.

How our SugarCRM developers have helped various organizations?

Let's take a look at the following advantages being enjoyed by the various organizations using SugarCRM software:
  • Sales team can provide updated information about the number of leads received, marketing campaign, meeting, sales opportunity, contact details and so on into the system, quickly and easily.
  • The system which supports Java-enabled web browser, can be accessed anywhere and anytime.
  • Helps to collaborate with sales team and customers for effective business functioning.
  • Allows creation of multiple accounts for multiple numbers of clients within а common platform.
  • Enables management team in guiding sales team with new business opportunities.
  • Allows customization of dashboard as per the specific requirement of the organization.
  • Procides real-time views of sales leads and multiple marketing campaigns and helps to make on-time managerial decisions.
Hire Our Sugar CRM Developers

The leading CRM - SugarCRM

Now that you have a brief idea about SugarCRM software, if you want to implement it into your marketing practices, then consider taking support from our skilled SugarCRM developers. MindIT Systems provide dedicated SugarCRM development team, who are able to provide on-time services. SugarCRM software is simply a great way to run businesses in an organized manner. Contact our experienced SugarCRM developers to get CRM software development services for your enterprise.

SugarCRM is an empowered enterprise to meet all the CRM requirements for smoothly running the customer relationship management software business. It acts as an open source CRM. SugarCRM came into existence in 2004. Since then it has earned the trust of more than half a million users who have placed their faith in SugarCRM to, observe and supervise their clients information, client details, business leads, sales leads and many other information related to the department of marketing and sales of their companies.

One of the unique features of SugarCRM is that it is an open source application. This ability has given SugarCRM developers worldwide scope to customize the new-edge application to fit in different organizations, vertical markets and locales.

One of the lead contestants to the Salesforce CRM, SugarCRM is a widely used customer relationship management software as they clearly mention in their website. To put it in simple terms, Sugar CRM application provides solutions for managing relationships between the business organization and their customers.

Even in the presence of other systems, SugarCRM has a strong hold in the market for its easy and cost effective system. It has revolutionized the market since its launch.

Since CRM is the cornerstone of building deep and long lasting customer relationship system, we view our experienced SugarCRM developers as great assets whose service we proudly can offer.

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  • We are available 24×7 (Email/Phone/IM).
  • Billed for only the Quality Work Done.
  • Offer Guaranteed Results.
  • Client Data shall be maintained Confidential.
  • Our aim is to develop to drive sale.

With this precise idea of about our software system, if you choose to implement it into your current marketing practices, in that case do consider taking support from our experienced SugarCRM developers. Mind IT® enables organisations to improve operational efficiency along with optimizing business processes through its Enterprise IT Solutions. Contact our experienced SugarCRM developers to get CRM software development services for your enterprise.

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