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Staff augmentation will always remain relevant, here’s why

The never-ending requirement of skilled talents in the IT industry gave rise to numerous staffing strategies, out of which staff augmentation has managed to become the most successful. This is partly due to the need of businesses to fill gaps in their technical workforce as and when required, without the hassle of permanent hiring.


According to a report by, the IT staffing industry generated a revenue upwards of $480 Billion with India and China as the leading countries. As the pandemic hit us, the requirement for Off-the office service for hire teams only increased and today software development centers in countries like India, China and Ukraine are seeing record growth. With the trend of growth in the staff aug industry only trending towards positive heights, we give you 9 Reasons why Staff Augmentation will always remain relevant beyond the pandemic as well.

1. The need for technology experts will only increase

As the world continues to go through the” Technological Revolution” or the “2nd Industrial Revolution” many experts call it, the need for experienced experts in ever-advancing technologies is only going to increase. With companies needing to hire experts in various fields and technologies, staff augmentation will provide an easy go-to option for those in need of developers.

2. Low-cost development will never go out of fashion

One of several advantages of staff augmentation over traditional hiring is that you don’t have to pay for additional expenses like office for the workforce, Insurance and add-ons which automatically reduces the overall cost of developing the software. We all know low-cost services never go out of fashion and that is why staff augmentation won’t as well.

3. The talent available for hire as and when you need it

Not every company requires developers every day but as and when they are required, talent and experience become paramount. In such cases, permanent hiring increases the operational costs and decreases ROI, so the void is filled by staff augmentation Services. IT Staff Augmentation provides flexibility to companies as they can hire a talented team of developers as and when needed for as much or as little time as they want because the contract is based on their requirements and not the employee’s needs.

4. Companies never stop scaling up

Companies never stop scaling up and staff augmentation provides a quicker way of scaling up rapidly as compared to permanent hiring which can take months to find the ideal team of employees.

5. Increasing remote working culture

With the increasing trend of remote work which is expected to continue beyond pandemic, the services for hire industry has seen growth like never seen before. As more and more organizations go remote led by some of the industry leaders like Salesforce and JP Morgan, maintaining a permanent workforce beyond absolute requirements will become defunct, this is where services for hire like staff augmentation can play a vital role for such companies that do not need permanent developers and employees.

remote working culture

6. More reliable than freelancers

While hiring freelancers is nothing new in the services industry, they can sometimes fall short when it comes to reliability and quality as freelancers are just answerable to themselves. This is where staff augmentation is different. When hiring staff augmentation services, you enter into a contract with a company that provides a certain developer to develop software for your company. That developer has a contract with the service provider that has hired him/her and that company is answerable to you for the services its developers provide. This whole exercise makes software staff augmentation a more reliable way of hiring services than what freelancers provide.

7. Existing communication gap will diminish further with advancement in technology

One of the major stumbling blocks while hiring off-location staff augmentation services is the communication gap that usually exists between the hiring company and the developer.

Communication gap

This communication gap in many cases hinders the efficiency in working, however, these problems are only short-lived. As technology moves forward and new products like Zoho Sprints and JIRA become mainstream, while existing modes like video chat software are improving, the communication gap is diminishing fast on par with real-time communications. Once such a thing is achieved, staff augmentation will become a popular choice even for those who are apprehensive at present.

8. For companies of all sizes

No matter what size of the company you own, staff augmentation services are relevant for all kinds of companies, more so for small ones who want to scale up. Just like any service product, staff augmentation is a service for any company that needs to hire resources for their projects no matter how many employees they have or the size of their revenue. This open for all businesses model will always keep Staff Aug services relevant.

9. Keep you in charge even while you delegate work

One major difference between software outsourcing and staff augmentation is that even while you delegate work to people outside your organization, you are still in charge of the development team. That is because the developers working on your project are an extension of your own team, which means they directly take directions from you and there is no one else involved.

Staff augmentation

Keeping developers under your direct supervision makes the whole exercise faster, efficient and more flexible to changes. Such arrangements will be more needed in the future considering the upcoming trend of the smaller permanent workforce and increasing services for hire companies.


Staff Augmentation has become a major trend in the IT Software Development Services Industry and it is expected to stay like that for the foreseeable future. Courtesy to a mixture of modern trends and Covid Restrictions coupled with a constant requirement of experienced and talented professionals in the industry on a daily basis, it seems going forward the future for Staff Augmentation Services in the IT Industry is bright.

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