Android, Websites


3 Months

Technology used

Web - ASP.Net

Backend - MySQL

Team size

2 Members

Client Info

SMC India, India. Domain: Industrial Equipment

Business outcome

To show live status of Industrial equipment.

3D Model

The SMC 3D Model Application was developed as a tool that shows live status of industrial equipments like valves, cylinders, pumps, etc. Whenever an error occurs in an equipment, the app displays that particular component in red colour. Additionally error message will also be sent on mobile and email. As soon as the technician rectifies the error, an automatic notification will be sent to the app and then the red color is been changed to normal colour. The app also displays the event history for a set of pre-defined events along with total number of occurence and last occured date and time.


Using this application user can turn the equipment on/ off, reset the valve counts and enable / disable the circuits. On the basis of certain conditions the app displays detailed diagnostic of the device equipment. This detailed diagnostic can help the user to identify the root cause of the issue. Under the detailed diagnostic there an option called Rapid Format Mode, which displays the current pressure and current position of the device. The user also has an option to set the device pressure.


User can also see various types of assests like video, 3D Drawing and User manual for each components.