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October 23, 2015


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The Young Chronicle | Interactive Newspaper

The Young Chronicle is a content platform for children, that uses AI and MI (mommy intelligence). The content on the app ranges from News, Current Affairs, Science, History, Space, Sports, Stories, and more, and is best suited for 6-14 year old Indian Kids. Each article has Activities and Quizzes, and children get to unlock badges as they keep reading and participating in Activities and Quizzes.


All content is curated by a group of Mothers and those who are passionate about parenting, so the content is Mom-Proofed, and safe for children to consume independently. Each article is available in 7 levels, basis a child’s reading ability. Now, children won’t shy away from gaining knowledge, as reading is now not difficult at all.


Children can also share stories and ask questions, that are answered within 24 hours, by our Mommy Experts.