Why Us

Why Us

We are a process driven integrated heterogeneous solutions provider: with expertise in predictable
delivery for project success through responsiveness & close collaboration

Experienced co-founders who have been part of IT services delivery for more than a decade on both closed and open source side of technology.

Focus on solution by building upon already established solutions rather than going for custom development each time.

End to end solution and willingness to explore beyond ingrown competency, thus having ability to be single point integration provider for complete solution.

Rich experience in point of failures in delivery – have expertise in dealing with stages where solution fails after conceptualizing.

Forte in product development and product nurturing across cultures, technologies and domains.

Strong project management skills which provide real value to clients as well as forewarning against potential pitfalls.

Right mix of competency and attitude which is a lifesaver against smaller companies who may not have enough experience, competency and proficiency and larger companies which come with baggage of additional costs, delays due to levels and bureaucracy.