iOS Applications (iPhone / iPad)

iOS Applications (iPhone / iPad)

The ever growing popularity of these smart devices has brought about a great opportunity not only for the hardware manufacturers but for everybody to build and present applications with a different set of features. The exclusivity of the Apple App Store, maintained by its close monitoring and regulations, is a boon for people – both individuals and enterprises, willing to create software dealing with a specific area and providing to the required audience. The whole ecosystem ensures the interests of both the customers and the app developers are safeguarded against malicious practices.
MindIT understands the value of presenting the right thing to the right audience and in the right manner and spirit. With our experienced team of professionals, who have dealt with hundreds of apps so far, we add value to your proposition and become instrumental in bringing your ideas to reality. Our top job is to ensure your exclusive audience is treated to a great user experience through all the apps we build.

Our iOS app development services include:

  • App Consulting
  • Designing UI and UX for chosen devices
  • App Development
    • Architecting, Cloud based hosting, Back-end infrastructure, Content Management System
    • Ensuring compatibility with chosen devices and Integrations with existing systems
    • Google Analytics or Flurry integration along with BI and dashboards
  • App Submission to the Apple App Store
  • Social media marketing
  • Continued support and maintenance