Unraveling the mystery called SMO!

Social Media Optimization, popularly known as SMO, is the art of promoting your services and products through various channels of media; mostly social media. It includes sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even social bookmarking sites like Reddit; basically every site where you can make a social profile and engage people by creating a visitor base or community.

Artificial Intelligence - how much you know?

If we start from the basics, Artificial Intelligence or AI is a sector/ branch of science which deals with creation and execution of such machines which are self-reliant when it comes to duplicating the tendencies of being able to think and process the information which was previously known to be possessed solely by humans.
Research form the core part of artificial intelligence and is extremely technical and specialized. The core things which the researchers tackle while programming the machines are the traits of:
•    Knowledge
•    Reasoning

Chatbots everywhere! What are they?

I’m sure you must have heard about the buzzword these days – Chatbot. What’s the whole humdrum about? Let’s try to decode what it is and what the future holds for us. A bot is a more generic term meaning an automated program or script intended to serve a purpose, while Chatbot is a very specific type which operates primarily through chatting which could be text or voice-based. Chatbots have been around for quite some time now but the recent development that has brought these to the forefront is the use of artificial intelligence in them.


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